About Us

Hello Members,

All members of Free Vacations Club can win Daily, Weekly and Monthly drawings for Free Travel, Airline, Activity tickets, Entertainment and Merchandise.

Your time and trust are valued and that’s why we give this free vacation for Joining the Free Vacations Club. The purpose of this Club is to establish Group discounts and offers including Free Vacations and Tickets for Travel and Events from tours and activities to sporting events and shows.

We ask for your participation and willingness to take the time to supply us your personal information with regards to what you and your family like, what you want and how you travel. We only use this information to establish and inform you of groups of others like yourself that like similar things and want to vacation to the same places doing similar things in our Singles, Couples and Families sections of our club website.
Ultimately giving you the best values and opportunities to enjoy the vacations you have dreamed of and the ability to earn and receive free travel.

Like other sites that collect your information to pair people like yourself for services from dating to purchasing, we protect your data and share it only with screened and confirmed partners who agree to only send you relative offers one time and not share or abuse your information.

In the event you ever experience any trouble or concerns with our Partners or Free Vacations Club, please email us and we will do our best to satisfy your concerns. You also always have the option to discontinue your membership by logging in and deleting your information from our site which will stop any further contact from us and any future offers from Partners.

We hope to develop a secure and healthy relationship with all our members with long lasting valuable benefits. Enjoy fabulous vacations and entertainment events through our club promise to always offer more of what you want at the best values.

Fantastic Vacationing !